The truth is that tree die for a variety of different reason. The important thing is to know how to properly handle the removal process because that’s rather essential for the health of everything surrounding the tree. Failing to remove it on time might cause incredibly damages to everyone around. However, removing the tree in San Jose is also something that poses a lot of potential threats and this is why it’s a process that shouldn’t be underestimated or taken lightly. Here are the steps that you should undertake cautiously or call in Tree Removal service of San Jose in order to safely remove a dead tree.

Check the surroundings: The first thing that you should take care of is the surroundings. Make sure that there are no obstacles on the falling route of the tree. This means that you should establish a falling route which doesn’t have any kind of structures, overhead wires, cars and anything of the kind on it. This is going to ensure the safety while the tree is falling.

Establish the best falling route: The way to do so is by observing the natural leaning angle of the tree itself. This is generally the easiest way to establish a falling route. However, if there are any obstacles that can’t be removed like houses or other permanent structures, for instance, you should artificially alter this route. You should do so by adjusting the cutting angle or wiring the tree and pulling it into another direction with a vehicle. This would allow you to additionally amend the falling angle the way you want it and it’s going to provide you with additional control over the process.

Establish escape routes: The first thing you should do after you’ve done the previous steps is to make sure that there is no one around the tree itself. At the same time, you should ensure at least two escape routes in the event that the falling route alters in the process. This is absolutely mandatory.

Safely remove the fallen tree: This is the last step and it’s carried out once you’ve successfully managed to cut it down. You should remove it to a specific location, especially if it’s impairing traffic or other activities. It is important to ensure that you call in the specialists as they might need cranes and other equipment to safely take it away.

In any case, you should be aware that while this is a process that could be carried out by yourself, it’s incredibly advisable to let specially trained professionals handle it in order to ensure maximum safety. This is one of the main fields of expertise of tree arborists and you should let them do what they do best. This way you can rest assured that the entire process would be carried out by skilled and certified experts and that all of the necessary safety precautions have been properly implemented. Thus, keep the phone number of tree removal service handy.