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Some of nature’s most beautiful creations are the trees that grow on our properties and in the wild. Although they flourish well in forests and unpopulated areas, the same is not true for those growing in urban areas which need to be cared for and maintained properly. Unfortunately, many individuals have learned the hard way that this is a job for a certified arborist or tree care service specialist. The following is a list of the 8 most common accidents that occur when you don’t hire professionals to do the work:

Abrasions and cuts – inexperience can be extremely hazardous when it comes to DIY tree care. The use of power tools is always risky, even for the trained professional. As a result, many DIY’ers are treated for abrasions and cuts when working on their trees.

Amputations – while you might think that this could never happen to you, the number of individuals who lose fingers, hands, and limbs when cutting trees is staggering.

Bites and stings – a broad range of animal life and insects nest in trees, especially larger, overgrown trees. If you disturb any of these when working on your trees, you could be at serious risk of getting bitten or stung.

Electrocution – trees growing adjacent to or into power lines are potential electrocution hazards, especially if you try to prune or trim your trees yourself. Because of this threat, it is always best to rely on experienced, trained professionals to do this kind or work.

Eye injuries – hacking away at a tree or sawing off limbs creates flying chips and debris can cause serious eye injuries if you’re not wearing protective eyewear.

Falling down – keeping your balance when you are up in a tree pruning and trimming can be quite a challenge. When you’re using power tools, it becomes more difficult to stay balanced. Consequently, falling down from a tree is another common occurrence. That is why it is important to call on tree removal service in Palo Alto.

Getting stuck – according to the CDC, the most common of all tree cutting accidents is getting stuck beneath a heavy limb or the trunk of a tree when it’s been cut down. That is why it is important to take precautions before such an accident happens.

Poison ivy / poison oak – if you’re not wearing protective gear when working on a tree these plants can easily poison your system. These are some of the biggest threats to amateurs and DIY’ers.

Don’t run the risk of getting serious injured or worse. Contact a certified arborist or tree care service specialist today. They will be able to help you maintain your trees and verdant surroundings.