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If you still haven’t had mulched your trees, you should most certainly do so. There are quite a few benefits associated with proper mulching such as enhanced ability to retain water, regulation of the soil temperature, fighting harmful weeds and preventing the spread of the leaf disease because of fungus or bacteria. With this in mind, below you will find a few tips for you to execute a proper mulching.

Compost Matters

Prior to mulching the trees, you should first spread a formidable amount of compost pile all around your trees. This should be done right at the start of the spring season. You shouldn’t start mulching right afterwards but wait until the spring rainfall manages to help the compost to get a bit deeper into the soil. If you are too impatient to wait, you can always water the trees yourself – it’s going to speed up the process. Wait at least a week after that to begin with the mulch.

Mulching Locations

In order to properly mulch your tree, you should be using around 2 to 40 inches of mulch. You should make sure to spread it around the tree and make sure that the spread is even. The last thing you want is to have certain parts with more mulch than others. Make sure that you are as precise as it’s actually possible.

You should also make sure that you don’t cover the flare root of the tree with excessive mulch. The flare is where the trunk ends and usually the roots begin. Make sure that you do not cover this part because it’s capable of growing different diseases and fungus. This is a commonly known mistake which is referred to as volcano mulching.

The Process Itself

Now, as we mentioned above, you should only place between about 2 and 4 layers of mulch evenly spread around the perimeter of the tree of choice. You don’t have to be exact. However, if it’s more than 4 inches you could seriously harm the soil and the tree. If it’s not at least 2 inches, it’s unlikely to be effective at all.

So, once you’ve evenly spread the mulch around that perimeter, you should ensure that you have done so evenly. You can use a shovel or a rake in order to do so. The rake could be used to spread the mulch while the shovel could be used in order to flatten it. You should make sure to use the rake in order to see that no mulch gets to the root flare for the reasons listed above.

Keep in mind that mulching is a particularly important process and its crucial not to skip it. If you don’t have the time to do it, call in a tree care company in Palo Alto to do the job properly. The health of your trees is essential for the landscape on your property.