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After you see a tree fall on your property, or if you had to get a tree cut down, you will normally see the tree stump as the only remaining symbol that a tree once stood there. This stump can stay put for a very long time unless you want to remove it. Let’s face it, stumps are just ugly when left in place. They have no beauty to them, birds cannot build a nest in them, there is no buds growing on them to attract all your local bees, and you have to dodge it when you are mowing the yard.

There are two ways that people can remove stumps in their yard. The first is to remove the stump completely and the second option is to choose stump grinding. What is the difference between the two? Keep reading to find out.

Stump Removal

When you choose stump removal, the entire stump which also includes the ball of the tree will come up out of the ground and be gone for good. While this is a complicated procedure and sometimes very strenuous, it can get rid your lawn of the lumpy mess left behind after the tree is gone. In many situations, the ball of the tree can grow to be very big in size and may be difficult to remove completely. Another factor to consider is after the tree ball and stump are finally removed, you may be left with a big hole in your yard. What do you do with this space? This is the main reason why many homeowners consider stump grinding instead.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is another option for homeowners and it can be more budget friendly as well. Once a tree has fallen down and is chopped up down to the ground level, the stump and the ball is the only thing left. A Tree Stump Grinding service in San Jose can then be placed it over the stump and will grind it up into small pieces, so you can then convert the old stump into mulch or ground cover.

Once this process is complete, there is a couple of inches of the stump left underground which can be hidden with a layer of dirt; perfect for growing a small bed of flowers or you can simply mow over it with the lawn more and not tear your mower up. Eventually the stump will decay back into the earth.

Bring Beauty to Your Landscape with a Professional

After the tree stump is removed, it’s important to doctor up the landscape and keep it looking good and healthy. Our Bay Area Tree Specialists can help you plan and purchase the right plants to create the perfect landscape.