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As human beings, we understand the role of a balanced diet for health and wellness. The same holds true for our trees, shrubs, and plants. Trees need food and nutrients in order to metabolize and grow healthy and strong. A healthy tree is one that will live longer and be more resistant to decay, insects, and drought. Proper fertilization will assist root development and stimulate the overall growth of your trees. You will see enhanced coloration, improved leaf size and health, and increased flowering and fruit.

There are many essential elements for the healthy growth of trees, the most important of which are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Deficiencies can often lead to discoloration and browning of leaves, diminished size, slow growth and die back. If your trees are showing any of these symptoms, you should consult with a local San Jose tree service for consultation.


Plants and trees used nitrogen for tree growth and color. A lack of nitrogen can show as slow growth, small leaf size, and pale leaves.


Trees use phosphorous to form roots, make seeds, grow fruit and flowers, and fight disease. A deficiency can show up as an abnormal reddish-purple pigment. These symptoms will often develop without noticeable change in density or leaf size.


A tree will utilize potassium to develop strong stems and fast growth. Deficiencies can be slow growth, browning, dieback, and temperature sensitivities and disease susceptibility.

Fertilizer application frequency will depend on soil, the type of tree, and the time of year. Your San Jose tree service technician will test the soil’s pH level. Alkaline soil will affect iron solubility. Over fertilization can also injure trees and create stress issues.

Healthy trees require healthy, nutritious soil. This provides optimal conditions for your trees’ growth and long term vitality. Look for a tree service in San Jose that will provide a soil management program and fertilizer blend for your particular needs. Many different blends of fertilizers are available, many with slow release attributes so vital nutrients aren’t lost over the growing season. Trees have different problems and requirements so a full assessment should be made of your individual trees.

Too much or too little fertilization can be damaging. This is why experience counts. An experienced professional arborist will diagnose your trees in order to extend tree life. An experienced tree professional will also offer a regular maintenance program in order that your trees will be properly cared for with regular fertilization and deep root feeding for all seasons.

At Bay Area Tree Specialists, your premier tree professionals in the San Jose area, we feed nutrients directly to feeder roots of your trees and shrubs in order to improve and maintain their continual health and appearance. Call us today to see how we can put your trees on a fertilizing program for their continued health and vitality.