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Now, if you have a tree stump on your landscaping area, you would usually have two different options in front of you – you can DIY by renting grinder for stumps and take care of it on your own or you may rely on a local stump grinding company to handle it for you. The most appropriate choice is going to be based on a few factors. Sure, if you are a professional and you deal with tree removal, for instance, buying a commercial grade stump grinder might be a possibility. However, if you aren’t a professional, you could simply buy a smaller stump grinder as you don’t want to overspend on it. You can also always rent. However, if the stump itself is considerable and you aren’t a professional, it’s best for you to rely on properly reliable stump grinding services.

Costs associated with the process

If you are like the majority of people, you would probably prefer that there are no random stumps sticking from the ground. It could definitely ruin a landscape and you’d have to mow the grass around the tree stump. There are quite a few different ways to dig and clear the stump and the prices are usually going to vary on whether it is DIY project or you hire a professional to complete the task.

Should you purchase or rent a grinder?

If you’ve made up your mind and you want to handle the work on your own, you can rent or you can purchase the grinder. The former course of action seems more reasonable if it’s only a one-off project. If you have to do this repetitively then purchasing a grinder might seem like a better idea instead of renting it. The best way for you is to crunch the numbers and figure out which one of these options would be more efficient. Once the grinder manages to pay for itself any additional job is going to be beneficial.

Most homeowners, however, are usually going to rent grinders. The prices vary but they could get around $140 to about $200 on a per day basis. The majority of professionals are usually going to have their own machinery or they are going to use a sub-contractor for this type of work.

Choosing a Professional Services

In case, you go ahead and decide to rely on professional services to take care of the stumps in your garden, you shouldn’t be choosing the first available option. Instead, keep in mind that different companies are going to charge variable prices and you can save quite a lot of cash if you did a quick research. Keep in mind the following:

  • Discounts – a lot of companies are going to make discounts if you get more stumps removed. Keep these in mind.
  • Additional fees – Few companies are going to haul the wood debris at no cost while others, for instance, are going to charge extra. Furthermore, you can also end up paying more if the professional had to travel from a different city to complete the job.  
  • Larger projects – in the event of clearing larger area of land, the majority of companies are going to charge by the hour so call around and see which company offers the best prices.

Regardless of whether you buy a grinder, rent it or hire professionals, a brief research can definitely make the entire experience more affordable, easier and faster.