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Sometimes a homeowner has used an axe to chop down a tree, but has failed to deal with the stump. Over time, that same stump could force the homeowner to make a decision. What remains of the old trunk be made the target of a professional removal, or should it be ground down?

Reasons that any homeowners could face the need to make such a decision:

Termites or other insects have invaded the stump. That occurrence would be especially troubling, if the stump’s location in the yard placed it close to any of the home’s walls. The remains of the trunk detract from the appeal of the otherwise attractive yard.

Emergency Tree Service in San Jose that must tackle the task of mowing the lawn has to deal with the root system that surrounds the stump’s base. Thoughts about creating a new garden must be put on hold, because the stump’s roots would compete with plants in the garden, in order to acquire food and water.

Benefits of a professional removal

It should aid creation of a clean yard.Plans for a garden could be examined, with an eye to their adaptation.

Drawbacks to a professional removal

It would leave a hole in the yard. That could make the yard unsafe for children. Any plans for a garden, or other aspect of the landscape would need to suggest a way for dealing with that hole.Pets would have to be confined to a pen, or kept inside, throughout the removal process.

Benefits of a decision to grind down the stump

That is a less involved operation. It would not require the ability to access large pieces of equipment. By the same token, it would not call for an investment in time, money and effort. The wood chips produced could prove beneficial, if the homeowner had given thought to creation of an area for composting foodstuffs.

Drawbacks linked to an operation that has focused on grinding down the remains of a trunk.

When that operation has been completed, the stump’s root system has not been eliminated. Hence, those mowing the lawn would continue to face the need to deal with a real hindrance to their work. The grinding operation would create a pile of wood chips. The homeowner would have to come up with a way for using or removing those same chips.

The roots could be allowed to decay, but that would take time. Consequently, the homeowner must wait patiently for the ability to enjoy all of the desired results. Pets would need to remain inside, or in a pen, while the grinding was taking place.