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Water delivers nutrients to trees and shrubs. Hence, each of those plants needs to receive an adequate supply of that nutrient-rich liquid. By the same token, the gardener should make sure that the delivered water makes its way directly to the plants’ roots.

Advantages to utilization of drip irrigation

The person charged with caring for a group of trees needs to detect the trees’ need for water. The presence of an irrigated watering system would make that possible. There are no pools of water on the ground in the area around the correctly watered growth. The clear liquid in the drip irrigation system would not evaporate or run-off, in the manner that a watery flow could travel, if it were to come from a sprinkler or hose.

What a gardener should expect to find in an installation kit for a drip irrigation system

• A hose fitting: This connects the hose to the faucet.
• A tube: This should be long enough to run from the tip of the hose to the watered tree.
• Emitters: These carry water from the tube to the tree’s bed, the ground that holds the roots.
• Stakes: A gardener can use these to secure the tube to the ground.

Steps to follow, when using the items that have been listed above

• Lay the tube around the tree.
• Attach emitters to same tubing
• Connect hose to faucet.
• Secure tubing, using stakes
• Turn on the faucet.

How to make a system that proves as effective as one created using a kit?

Get a 5-gallon bucket and a large garbage bag. Puncture bucket, creating ½ inch hole in the bottom, near the bucket’s outer edge. Place the punctured bucket on the tree line, which is the line under the furthest reach of the tree’s canopy.

Tree Service in Palo Alto knows that to fill the object on the tree line with water. Allow that liquid to drain out through the hole. Move the drained object to a new spot on the same tree line. Repeat that process 2 to 3 times per week.

Note: A smart reader may have noted that any liquid poured into a bucket with a punctured bottom would leak from that same object. That fact highlights the purpose of the garbage bag. The bag should hold the object that must be filled with a watery liquid. It can catch whatever leaks out.

In other words, the entire duo, bag and bucket must be carried to the spot where the water needs to drip on the tree’s roots. Following the bucket’s removal from the bag, the water inside of that same container should be poured back into the object from which it has leaked out. Thus, the carrier for the tree’s nutrients drips on the roots.