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Now that you have decided on a tree, you are ready to plant it. Here are a few tips to help you plant your tree successfully.

Ways of planting a burlap wrapped potted tree

Many trees will come with burlap wrapped around it in order to protect the roots and to hold in the moisture as much as possible. If you purchase a tree with burlap around the roots, here are a few suggestions for you before you plant:

Before you dig, make sure that you have contacted the utility companies, including the gas service to ensure that you are digging away from pipes underground and wires too. Don’t plant the roots too deep in the soil. If the root flare seems to be too deep into the soil, remove some of the soil on top of the container or the root ball before planting. Allow yourself about thirty minutes to one hour to plant a tree with burlap around the roots.

Planting a Tree

#1: Shiftthe tree by rolling it or holding it by the root ball. Don’t grab and carry the tree by the trunk or the branches.
#2: Dig a shallow oval hole which is deep as the root ball but double the size wide.
#3: Position the tree in the hole, so the roots area meets the tree trunk which are located above the ground.
#4: Cut the twin around the tree and take away the burlap and remove it.
#5: Arborist in San Jose will hold the tree upright and fill the hole back in the with the soil you have removed. If the soil looks lumpy, break the lumps down in your hand as you pour it over the roots of the tree.

Tips for planting trees in pots in the ground

#1: If you are planting a tree, you will want to water it to avoid shocking it.
#2: Dig a hole that is saucer shaped as deep as the container that the tree is in and double the width.
#3: Remove the tree/plants from the planter that it is in by placing the tree on its side. You have just watered the tree so this will make it easier to slide the tree trunk out. Simply tap on the bottom of the container.
#4: Cut away any roots that look dead or feel squishy. If the roots look like they are tangled up, make some vertical cuts in the sides of the root ball. You can even do an X shape cut on the bottom to help loosen the roots. You can then manually straighten the roots as needed.
#5: Place the tree into the hole you have dug for your tree. You will want to position the tree where the roots meet the truck and are slightly placed above the ground.
#6: Place about two or three inches of organic mulch around the tree
#7: Water the tree