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If you are a Do-It-Yourself kind of guy outsourcing tree work might seem a bit redundant. However, the costs of having to handle this on your own could eventually get rather high – hospital bills, damaged property as well as ruined landscape are certainly not cheap. With this in mind, below are three reasons why you should consider leaving this to the professionals:

#1- You don’t have the necessary training and knowledge

A proper and safe tree work requires a lot of technical knowledge about the biology of the tree itself which could effectively take years to learn. For instance, getting the tree to fall in a fully controlled manner could be ensured throughout the proper cut with the chainsaw. However, you need to make precise cuts, guide the tree and also establish a drop zone and a safe perimeter. This could get quite dangerous if you are carrying it out on your own.

Up-ended root plates are also rather dangerous. They might pull the tree back in its place and this might as well trap everyone or everything underneath it, thus causing potential hazard. Some hazards are even invisible if you don’t have the necessary training – dead branches, rotten trunks, fungal and pest infections and many more.

#2 Poor awareness of the situation

Even if you have experience in dealing with your trees, you can still fall victim to hazards. For instance, electrical wires are one of the most common things that you have to be thoroughly aware of. When your tree is coming close to them, you should get them pruned professionally and carefully, especially if the tree is bigger. In order to do this, you would need professional equipment like basket trucks, for instance. Attempting to get this done on your own is strictly inadvisable as it could have a potentially fatal outcome. Electrocution is particularly dangerous, especially when it happens high above the ground. This is why you are definitely advised to seek out the help of a professional, especially when wires are included.

#3- Improper usage of tools

If you are using your tools improperly you are potentially exposing yourself to significant dangers. Chain saws, for instance, are very dangerous. One of the most common mistakes is to use a dull chain saw which would require you to use a lot of pressure which might cause you to lose control over it. A lot of home owners use these to cut branches on the ground which could result in a kickback which could cause severe injuries.

Improper use of ladders is another common cause of a lot of injuries. Using a ladder that’s too short or set on uneven ground could result in falling and even in fatalities. Tree work might look like something easy at glimpse but it requires thorough and extensive knowledge and expertise. Keep in mind that this is a job which is best left to the professionals.