You don’t need to have a green thumb to know that trees need water to stay healthy. However, in Californian cities like San Jose, watering trees has become a challenge due to the current drought conditions. This task has become even more daunting since the city government has issued an ordinance on restricted water use.


Under the emergency ordinance up for consideration at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, residents will have to forgo watering their yards with potable water during the day.

Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in January, urging the state to cut water use by 20 percent. A State Water Board mandate followed, threatening a $10,000-a-day fine on municipal water systems for violating emergency regulation.

The local ordinance up for review would echo the governor’s order, demanding a 20-percent cut in citywide water use for the duration of the drought.

When trees don’t get as much water as they should, their foliage begins to wilt. Heat-stressed trees also tend to become more prone to diseases and attract insects and pests, which can eventually lead to their demise. Fortunately, proper tree care from San Jose professionals like those Bay Area Tree Specialists from can help property owners keep their trees in good condition amid a drought. Here are two effective methods to do this:

Root feeding
Root feeding is a process where tree care specialists provide the necessary nutrients that trees need. To do this, these pros use a basic tool known as the root feeder which is attached to a regular garden hose and a container with fertilizer. The root feeder allows the tree care professionals to inject fertilizers directly into the roots, which are most responsible for nutrient absorption.

While this process sounds simple enough for a regular Joe, it really isn’t. To do root feeding right, people have to apply a sufficient amount of fertilizer mixture and deliver it at the correct level of the roots.

Tree trimming by Palo Alto experts gets rid of wilted leaves and pest- or insect-ridden branches, two things common in drought-stressed trees. However, pruning healthy leaves and branches should be avoided since it will affect the trees’ ability to produce the food they need.

As with root feeding, pruning is one task that should be assigned to the pros. Pros are well-versed in the right techniques for trimming trees without compromising their health.

Ensuring tree care during drought seems almost impossible, especially when there are restrictions on water use. Fortunately, there are other ways to keep trees healthy. Tree care experts like those from Bay Area Tree Specialists are well-experienced in these safe and effective methods.

(Source: San Jose Considers Emergency Drought Ordinance,, August 29, 2014)