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treesTrees in all their magnificence, can really add vibrancy to your home, apartment or office building. However, in order to preserve your picturesque setting, your trees need proper nutrition and careful pruning and trimming in order to maintain safety, good health and adequate growth for centuries to come. Tree Service Palo Alto specializes in the care and maintenance of trees to help bring out the best in your investment.

Tree Service San Jose

When it comes to the care and maintenance of your landscape, Tree Service San Jose arborists are committed to providing you with a lush scenery. Their arborists have multiple certifications and employ state of the art diagnosis for the proper treatment and care of your trees. Besides pruning and trimming, they also administer tree growth regulators and proper nutrition as well as address pest issues to ensure your trees reach their fullest potential.

Tree Removal Palo Alto

Sometimes the structure of a tree can become compromised due to various issues such as rot, decay, disease or nutrient deficiency etc., in which case they can become a hazard. If the issue is not addressed, over time, the tree can fall, taking down power lines and even crush your home or automobile. Tree Removal San Joseo ISA certified arborists can come to your property and perform a tree inspection, then present you with an arborist report with recommendations on how to preserve your tree or alert you if it needs to be removed altogether. If it is decided that the tree should be removed, Tree Removal Palto Alto can recommend the best methods to have the tree removed.

If you have had a tree removed and are left with an unsightly stump, Tree Removal Palto Alto can safely remove the stump for you. Having a tree stump removed can:

  • Create curb appeal, which can increase property value
  • Prevent risks such as tripping over the stump
  • Create more yard space
  • Make mowing the yard easier
  • Prevent infestation and disease

Bay Area Tree Specialists utilize innovative tools and equipment to effectively and safely remove all tree stumps.

Tree Care San Jose

Tree Care Palo Alto Plant Health Care program provides routine maintenance to preserve the vigor and safety of your trees. Through this program, trees receive tree growth regulators to reduce water loss and encourage root hair growth, which is especially vital in urban areas. Tree specialists also provide trunk injections and systematic insecticide treatments to keep trees sturdy and pest free. They also water the trees deep in the root to prevent against drought stress.

Tree Trimming Palo Alto

Pruning your trees removes broken, diseased or lifeless branches which helps preserve the vibrancy of your tree. If left untreated, these branches risk falling during a storm, which can lead to injury. Tree Trimming San Jose specializes in tree pruning and crown reduction to help reserve the natural beauty of your landscape.

Tree Service San Jose is fully bonded, licensed and insured. For 19 years they have been providing both residential and Commercial Tree Services San Jose including tree installation, tree removal, pruning, including building encroachment pruning and clearances for city height requirement codes and more. Tree Trimming Palto Alto gladly services Palto Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Monte Vista, Permanante and other areas throughout California. If you are in need of tree services, contact Tree Service Palto Alto for a free estimate today.