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treesTrees are vital and add beauty to your home or business. They truly have the ability to transform a lackluster property into a property that has much charm. It is essential to take care of your trees.

Bay Area Tree Specialists serve San Jose and Palo Alto. Experts provide both emergency and non emergency tree service. It is good to be able to distinguish between these two types of service.

When a storm tears through your property, it can reek havoc on your trees. Obviously if a tree branch is dangling close to a power line it requires immediate action. Do not tempt death by trying to take this situation into your own hands. Professional service is required to ensure safety. Our tree service in San Jose will provide 24 hour emergency service. We also provide tree service in Palo Alto. Our professionals work fast to remove the limb that is dangling over the power line to ensure your family’s safety. Your safety is always paramount.

Your trees require routine maintenance. Our non emergency tree service provide tree care in San Jose and tree care in Palo Alto. Professionals ensure that your trees are properly pruned. The aesthetic pruning service is idea for shrubs and trees that are under 15 feet tall. Using creative design principles, our experts can shape your foliage so that your trees beautifully compliment your property.

Our vista pruning service is excellent for those homeowners or business owners that have a breathtaking view that is currently blocked by trees. San Jose and Palo Alto is known for spectacular views. You do not have to ironically surrender your trees in order to take in a scenic view. Our tree trimming San Jose and tree trimming Palo Alto experts skillfully prune your trees to enhance your view without damaging your trees. It is important that tree crown reduction is performed properly, or the health of your trees could be compromised. That is why it is always a better idea to leave crown reduction to the experts instead of trying to take it into your own hands.

An arborist always pays attention to the overall composition of your trees. Sometimes an older tree may develop branches that are too heavy at the ends. The weight needs to be reduced at these ends in order make sure that they will not cause damage to the tree. These trees are usually the most susceptible to storm damage, so taking this preventative measure can make sure that your trees are not hazards the next time your home is caught in the wrath of a storm.

Sometimes a tree needs to be removed from your property because it was severely damaged during a storm. Skilled arborists provide tree removal in San Jose and tree removal in Palo Alto. These trees are carefully removed from your property.

Trees are a beautiful asset to your home or business. With proper care, your trees will be there for many years to come. Our experienced and friendly professionals at Bay Area Tree Specialists are able to serve all your emergency and non emergency tree service needs. Contact us now for a free quote.