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Tree CareTrees. We rely on them in San Jose, we value them in Palo Alto, but mostly we ignore them. Without trees our homes’ landscapes would be bleak and barren pastures. They are our silent providers of so much more than simple vertical beauty. They help eliminate soil erosion, provide shade, and transform carbon dioxide, which is like poison to us, into oxygen, which we need every second. But trees are living plants, and like all plants, they sometimes need intervention by Arborists, the experts, such as Tree Care San Jose and Tree Care Palo Alto. That is where you will find Certified Arborist Richard Smith.

If you have commercial office space with trees on your property, you also need the services of Tree Service San Jose or Tree Service Palo Alto. We have certified technicians who work as a team, led by Arborist Richard Smith, to care for your trees. We will insure your trees are getting enough nutrients for spectacular health, giving them lush color and vibrancy. We also are up on the latest technologies to manage tree growth, called “Tree Growth Regulators”, to keep trees from growing any further, once they have reached optimal size. Also, trees will sometimes come under attack from beetles, termites, fireblight, an aphid infestation, or even from sod that has verticillium, which is very destructive towards trees. If trees have developed parasites, a fungus, or other pests, Richard’s team will rid these threats from your trees so they remain healthy and long lived.

As trees grow, they need regular maintenance and limb pruning. With our modern certified techniques and experience, your trees will be pruned at the correct time of year for each species of tree, removing branches from electrical lines, building eaves, and other trees. Our licensed workers use ISA pruning standard practices when pruning and chipping removed branches. When you need Tree Trimming San Jose or Tree Trimming Palo Alto, we will always be there for you. Of course, we are also quite expert in the selection and planting of new trees in the appropriate placements for their future growth profiles.

When an old tree is in trouble, perhaps threatening your home in some way, having leaned or cracked, or perhaps even fallen, you need Tree Removal San Jose or Tree Removal Palo Alto. Whatever your trees need, give us a call today and we will send someone out right away to inspect the situation and give you a free quote.