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There are various professionals that you might want to hire in order to take proper care of your garden and backyard. However, it is important to differentiate between what they do in order to hire the right type of person or company.

There are two most commonly compared fields of expertise which tend to get people a bit confused – the job of a landscaper and the job of an arborist. We are going to explain the differences thoroughly and hopefully this is going to help you in making the right choice at the end of the day.

Responsibility of Landscapers

Landscaping is a field which includes taking care of the overall appeal of the landscape. This involves lawn care, installation of lawn irrigation systems and maintenance, garden bed preparation, maintenance and mulching. Basically, it’s the job of the landscaper to get your garden in line, properly prepared and good-looking. However, a landscaper will not necessarily have the right tools and training skills to perform some specific arboricultural operations properly and correctly. This does not fall within his area of expertise. Of course, there are professionals who have specialized in both endeavors but usually that’s not the case. It is best to get clarity about the services that the landscaper will render or if they work with a company that offers all of the related services.

Job of Professional Arborists

Arborists, on the other hand, are firmly and well prepared to handle dangerous tree-care equipment like chippers and chainsaws, for instance. However, the most important part is that reputable arborists and tree-care companies are going to adhere to particularly high standards regarding different operations like tree pruning, for instance. They carry liability and they are well aware of the importance of the practices on the site of the job.

With this in mind, it’s important to determine which type of services you are going to need for your garden. The best thing to do is to consider the overall scope of the work which needs to be carried out. After you’ve figured it out, you should match it to the service provided by both fields and pick the one which is more closely related to it. To put it in a simpler way – if you need your garden to look good, you are most likely going to need a landscaper. However, if you need to get a dangerous tree removed or you need to exercise tree-care operations like pruning, for instance, you are better off with a professional arborist.

It is important to differentiate for a few good reasons. The most important, however, is the fact that by doing so you are going to rely on solid professionals with experience and expertise in the field. It is always best to trust someone who is specialized instead of someone who offers the whole package, so keep this in mind. Look for a company or individual that offers the specialized services.