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Now that it is springtime, many homeowners are heading back outside to whip their gardens back into shape. However, before you start handling those shears or chainsaws, it is important that you acknowledge the true dangers of cutting your trees yourself. There are great dangers in undertaking such practices when you have no safety training or education on these matters. There are many people out there who have survived life threatening injuries, such as the loss of a limb, because they decided to DIY their tree cutting.

In order to prevent such a fate, it is important that you learn why DIY tree cutting is so dangerous, and which situations absolutely require the hiring of a trained Tree Trimming professional in San Jose. They have the right tools and the know how about dealing with all aspects of tree care and removal.

When utilizing the wrong tools can cause great injury…

You can’t just whip out a ladder and chainsaw and start chopping away at your tree. That is basically a breeding ground for property damage, injury, and the early death of an otherwise healthy tree. Not to mention that there are generally laws and regulations in place which have been introduced by the city in order to push people to utilize proper protective gear.

Properly cutting off dead branches and such will also require a certain set of tools which will need to be high in quality, otherwise they may not be able to handle thicker limbs. The proper tools include ropes, cranes, chainsaws, wood chippers, and sharpened saws. Handling such dangerous equipment can quickly land someone in the hospital if they aren’t trained to use it properly.

When injury isn’t the worst that can happen…

An inexperienced homeowner will be incapable of predicting where a cut branch is going to land. Because of this, surrounding property and people and pets in the vicinity are at great risk. One person’s stubbornness to take matters into their own hands could thus lead to great damages, injuries, and potentially also death.

However, even if the fallen branches land safely and without harming anything or anyone, the person up in the tree still runs risk of injury, if they aren’t using the right gear and equipment. It takes secure rope and a tightened harness to keep the person up there safe. Knowing how to install these tools and tie the proper knots takes knowledge and experience most people do not possess. Professional tree service providers on the other hand have undergone vigorous training on updated safety measures. They are insured and licensed to do this job. That is why it is more cost effective to hire their services.