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A stump detracts from a lot’s overall appearance. In addition, it tends to attract unwelcome insects. Those are just 2 of the many reasons for scheduling a stump’s removal.

Should that schedule include making arrangements to have it ground down?

Grinding could serve as a quick way to get rid of that eyesore in the yard. Still, it does not guarantee removal of every root. Some roots could remain, and be exposed by the grinder’s actions.

What would happen to those same roots? Some might decay over time. Later the same roots could start to sprout. On the other hand, some could sprout, causing tiny growths to appear in various spots throughout the yard.

Grinding also creates chips. A grinding service is usually willing to arrange for the chips’ removal. Of course, homeowners might want to use those same chips as mulch. That fact would point to a good reason for choosing grinding over a more intensive stump removal operation.

Tree Service in Palo Alto have machines that have been equipped to ground down what is left of a fallen tree do not leave a gaping hole in the yard. That is one benefit that comes with opting for the utilization of such equipment. On the other hand, children and pets must be kept away from any spot where such equipment has been scheduled to operate.

Would it be better for the schedule to call for the arrival of a machine that was designed for stump removal?

No homeowner could buy or rent such a machine. Consequently, anyone that has decided against using a grinder must pay a company that specializes in removing stumps. Fortunately, that large piece of equipment should not be in the yard for more than one day.

Although the entire process takes only one day, it costs as much or more than the process that makes use of a grinder. It is costly, because it involves so much digging.

The machine has to keep digging and digging, until it has reached the point where the entire ball of the root structure has been exposed. At that point, the machine’s operator becomes focused on hooking up to that same structure and pulling it out of the ground.

As mentioned before, the stump’s disappearance leads to the appearance of a huge hole. That is one big drawback to a plan that would avoid any concerns about possible sprouts.

Each of the 2 options comes with certain benefits and certain drawbacks. Each homeowner confronted with a stump must decide on the plan that best fits with the family’s needs, as well as its budget. Still, all homeowners should realize that most stumps tend to become a source of newer and equally expensive problems.