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Homeowners need to control the extent to which a tree’s limbs have an impact on the home’s structure. That fact underscores the need for regular pruning of the trees in the home’s yard. What is the best time of year for pruning trees?

Trees should be pruned during the time of year when each of them is dormant. What is the primary characteristic of the dormant season? At that time of year, no leaf-bearing tree is actively growing. Professionals in the tree care industry have learned about the factors that affect a tree’s dormancy cycle: The tree’s type, age, size and overall health.

Why is the season of dormancy the best time to undertake a pruning effort?

At that time there are no dense, crossed branches. At that point, the number of hazards has been reduced. There are no weak limbs, which might fall onto a pruner. The removal of dense branches allows more sun to fall on the vegetation that is on the ground. A tree’s dormancy coincides with a period of the year when the sun is low in the sky. Consequently, the vegetation on the ground can benefit from some extra sunshine.

At the time of dormancy, the effects of a pruning wound have a limited influence. The formed wounds do not invite the arrival of insects. In other words, there is less chance for insects to invade the pruned trees. Outside of the season of dormancy, pruning causes the loss of a good deal of sap from the pruned plant/tree. Tree pruning in San Jose knows that during the dormant season, only a limited amount of sap gets lost. Hence, the affected tree has more time in which to create the energy that is needed for growth in the spring.

How can homeowners take advantage of the changes created by the pruned tall plants in the yard?

Give thought to the type of plant that would be most appreciated in the spring and summer. It might be an herb, such as dill, cilantro or chives. The seeds for those herbs should be planted in the autumn. Alternately, the homeowner’s family might enjoy having access to fresh garlic. Garlic bulbs could be placed in the ground, in areas that now received lots of sun. The warmth in the ground should aid germination of the planted bulbs.

If there are any children in the family, they can start a collection of the colored leaves. That possible project ought to encourage the collection of at least a few of the branches that are sure to fall from the pruned limbs. An adult in the household might want to create an autumn wreath. Those are growing in popularity.