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Stump grinding can be used as a form of stump removal. Still, not every homeowner should expect to be buying or renting a grinder, upon discovery of a stump in the yard.

Advantages to removal of a stump by method that calls for having it ground down

The grinding process aids creation of a plot filled with sod, as per Tree Removal service in San Jose. At the same time, that particular process allows for formation of mulch. It prevents the re-growth of tiny limbs, except when used on certain stumps.

—It does not prevent re-growth of structures on a crepe myrtle stump.
—It does not prevent resurgence of growth on a chinaberry tree.
—It does not eliminate chances for re-growth, if used on a hackberry tree.
—It does not hamper resurgence of growth on a Bradford pear tree.

Stump grinding does not always belong on a list of the best ways for removing a stump.

It should not be used if the stump stands in shallow soil.
It should not be used on a property that has a border made of concrete, brick or rock.
It should not be used in a yard with a swimming pool or a patio.
It should not be viewed as the method of choice, when the stump exists close to an irrigation system.

The area surrounding the stump is not the only thing that determines whether or not it would make sense to obtain a grinder, or pay an expert to carry out a grinding task.

Stumps that stand in a zone of muddy earth do not respond well to the grinder’s actions. The mud on the stumps’ roots keeps those actions from achieving their intended purpose.

If a stump stands in a yard that is also spot where young children play, or where a pet dog keeps watch, it could be difficult to find an alternate location for either the children or the pet dog. Neither of them should be in the vicinity of a working grinder.

Someone that has advocated for preservation of the environment might hesitate to use an exhaust producing machine, in order to destroy an object of nature.

There might be no clear path to the stump that has been viewed as an annoyance, or a potential hazard. In other words, there might be no obvious way for moving a grinding machine into the spot that has featured the existence of one or more stumps.

—That would be the case if the grinder’s intended target had once been a tree on the edge of a cliff.
—That could be the case if the same target had been a tree that served to mark the border between 2 properties in a remote area.