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Every so often, it is important that you prune the tree limbs back in order to stimulate healthier growth and to keep the tree healthier in general. Many people assume that pruning is delimbing a few branches and that’s it. That theory is wrong; pruning is so much more than that. In fact, if not done correctly, you can actually lose your tree. Its important to note that if you do not know how to prune a tree, you must do research on it or you need to hire a certified arborist to do it for you.

DIY Tree Pruning is a Dangerous Job

Pruning is dangerous for so many reasons; from the equipment you will need to use to the height in which you will need to climb in order to trim. Why is pruning a tree so dangerous? Because some people do not realize a branch is dead until they actually step on it and put their weight on it. That’s when the branch can snap and break causing a fall from the tree.

Tree pruning also requires the use of sharp tools at a height that you may not be use, to working with it on the ground. If a homeowner decides to trim a tree up in the air, the chainsaw can kick back and cause the owner to lose their grip on it and the ladder they are standing on. The blade of the saw may also kick back and penetrate into the skin cutting it roughly as it goes.

Poor Pruning Could Cause Future Damage and Danger

In addition, pruning a tree could be harmful to, well – the tree. If you don’t prune it just right, if you don’t prune it at the right time, and if you don’t prune the right branches, it cannot survive and will die. There is also a chance that the tree that you are pruning will develop rot or disease where you have left it open and vulnerable to these conditions.

The best practice in pruning is to hire a certified Tree Pruning service in San Jose to come to your home and to trim the tree up the way that you need it to be trimmed. You can also count on an arborist to view the tree prior to pruning to determine the trees overall health and to determine the best place to prune the tree at.

An arborist can also choose the best time to trim a tree. Some trees cannot be trimmed during prime seasons of spring and summer due to the fact that the sap is still found within the limbs. Early pre-spring weather or in the late fall may be a better time to trim back these types of trees instead.