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The presence of a dead tree poses a risk to all that might choose to wander over that same piece of property.

What are the potential hazards that could arise, if a dead tree were allowed to stand, undisturbed, in a family’s yard?

A rotten branch might fall down and hit someone that has been strolling in the yard.If lightning were to strike any spot close to that hazardous trunk, it might cause the same trunk and branches to ignite in flames.

A dead tree that had been left standing near a road could topple over and cause a roadblock. If any of the tree’s branches had managed to reach over some section of a roof, then a falling limb might cause damage to an area of roofing.

Even if the tree’s branches had grown over open land, that particular situation might not eliminate all potential hazards. Suppose that some power lines had been strung across the same section of land. If any branch were to break loose and fall onto such a line, then that would create a real danger.There are all sorts of pests that would welcome the chance to make a home in a tree’s trunk.

–Bees could build a hive in such a location. That would mean that scores of bees would be after anyone that chose to step into the yard.
–Rats might build a nest in such a trunk. If that nesting place were close to the family’s residence, then the rats might search for and find a way to enter the family’s home.
–Termites could discover the feast that awaited them in the tall but dead plant. Like rats, termites have the ability to migrate to any home that happens to be close to a source of food.

If the tree’s death had been caused by some type of disease, they fungus or mildew could carry that same disease to other living things in the yard.

How could removal of the hazard/tree benefit the homeowner?

Once that hazard had been removed by tree removal service in San Jose, the property would have a greater curb appeal. That change would become important, if the homeowner were to decide to put the house and yard up for sale.

When a given property has an obvious curb appeal, the owner should find it possible to seek a larger amount of money from any potential buyer. The chance to increase the selling price ought to return to the homeowner’s bank account all of the money that had been spent on the tree’s removal.

Any homeowners that had taken the time to read about all the potential hazards would start sleeping more soundly, once the potential hazard had vanished.