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There are many DIY’ers who feel that they are skilled enough to handle their own home maintenance and repair tasks and in truth, they probably are. However, just because you have the skills, some DIY projects are simply bad ideas such as removing a tree from your property. You’re obviously thinking that you could save money by not hiring a professional tree removal service in Palo Alto and just doing it yourself. However, you need to consider the potential dangers and risks involved before getting started.

Are Your Health and Your Life worth it?

You may not realize this but thousands of experienced, trained tree care professionals get injured every year. Granted some injuries are minor cuts and scrapes, but some are life-threatening. Sadly, there are those that are fatal. So the bottom line is that tree care can involve some very dangerous work, the type of work you probably have little if any experience with. The dangers of working high above ground coupled with the use of tools that can become self-inflicting weapons (chainsaws, hand saws, etc.) in the blink of an eye makes this a very dangerous job and one that should be left in the hands of experienced tree removal professionals in Palo Alto.

Tree Hazards

Tree limbs can be rotten even though they appear to be fine. If you don’t see this type of hazard, that limb could easily break under your weight. Tree care services will use what is known as a “bucket truck” to remove such limbs, a piece of equipment that the average DIY’er doesn’t have in his or her tool arsenal. Unless you’re extremely sure of yourself and your tree risk assessment skills, this is a job that only a tree care service should be doing.

Tree fall is unpredictable

One of the greatest dangers that tree removal experts in Palo Alto face is miscalculating the direction that the tree will fall. If you want proof of that, simply log on to YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of videos where DIY’ers cut trees and watched them drop onto their vehicles or smash the roof of their home. Additionally, just as the direction of the fall can be dangerously unpredictable, so too can the height if you misjudge it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you could get seriously injured if the tree kicks back and hits you.

No matter how skilled you might be, tree removal is not a job for any DIY’er. Always hire a professional because safety is of prime importance.