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It is best to carry out tree care and maintenance during the fall so that if there is inclement weather in winters, you are sure that the trees on your property are not a hazard. Additionally, the trees will be in the best shape for the regeneration in spring. However, there are plenty of things to consider before you can be satisfied that everything has been done for the care of the tree health. Here are the major aspects to cover:

Tree pruning

Autumn is the right time to prune and as the eaves fall away, the bare trunk is revealed. Thus, checks on the structural defects can be seen. If there is any pest or fungal infestation, it is clearly visible and can be contained immediately. Pruning and trimming the tree during this period ensures that the tree is ready to spring back to life in the warmer months. If the tree is leaning or has a weak structure, it is best time to cable or brace it. And if the tree is in a bad shape and needs to be removed, do it so you are sure of removing the risk during the winds and storms in the winter months.

Professional inspection

It is important to hire the services of a tree pruning professional in Palo Alto, to not just trim the trees but conduct an inspection of the trees on your property. They will check for pests, decay and inspects that can lead to the discoloration of leaves, holes and abnormal leaf sizes. It is important to see the branches and trunk for holes and cracks and lifted roots.

Watering the subsoil

The tree roots reach about 12 inches inside the soil and soak up the water from there. That is why it is important that the irrigation goes deeper than just on the surface of the soil. Using slow injection method, the soil is able to absorb the water and helps in soil compaction. In California, this is important due to the low level of water in soil. This is the right irrigation method for trees without regular watering and for those that have been recently planted.

Fertilization and Mulching

After the summer months, the trees need to store water while heat weakens the tree cores, making them prone to infestations. To protect them and help weather the winters, fertilizing and mulching it is important. It helps to add nutrients to the soil and improves resistance against the damage. It helps to improve the soil quality, weed control and conserves the soil moisture.

It is important to refer to an arborist at the tree care service to know the customized care program for the trees on your property.