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The presence of a dead tree introduces unwanted risks.

Nature of risk associated with dead trees

A branch could fall off and injure a person and damage some section of a home.
A branch could fall on a utility line and the entire tree could fall over and cause a roadblock.

A dying tree could act as an invitation to unwanted guests.If same tree were close to the home, the pest/guest might get into the house. In other words, termites or rats could get into the house and that situation could be avoided by eliminating the dying/dead tree.

Tree Service in Palo Alto know that a dead tree makes an unsightly addition to a given property.An unsightly object in a home’s yard reduces that same home’s curb appeal.
A home with a reduced curb appeal has diminished value.

Possible hurdles to overcome, if hoping to get rid of a dead tree

• Not prepared to handle the trash created by the team that would carry out the removal
• Not ready to control the family’s pet, while men are removing the tree.
• Not ready to pay for that operation
• Worried about how a family member might react to the dust created by the removal process
• Not able to find a reliable arborist
• Not able to find a certified arborist
• Concerned about how process could affect the plants growing in a nearby garden
• Afraid to allow the introduction of so much noise; one family member works nights and sleeps during the day
• Unsure how to deal with the bare spot created by the tree’s removal
• Unsure how to deal with the stump that would remain, following the tree’s removal
• Worried about how the neighbors would react to the noise and dirt from such an operation; the tree is close to the edge of our property.
• Not convinced that the promised increase in our home’s value would equal the amount of money spent to have the tree removed

Rules to keep in mind, if you are fond of certain tree on sold property

If the sale has been complete, the buyer has paid for that particular tree. If you were to take the same tree to a new property, you would be cheating the buyer, unless he or she has granted permission.

If you paid for an audit, and then altered the property’s value, you would have wasted your money. You have no way to guarantee the health and growth of your treasured tree in its new home. You could not be compensated for your loss, if the transplanted tree was unable to survive and grow in the new spot.