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Pruning for the sake of safety and the tree’s health is one thing, but what about removing all of the tree’s branches? Well, for one, you would severely threaten the tree’s structural integrity and overall health, so you should definitely not do that. But what if you accidentally cut too much? Will your tree just plain die? Read on to find out.

What To Do When You Over-Pruned Your Shrub Or Tree

For all of those among us who prefer a general guideline for all they do in life, there is thankfully a rule which we can follow. Ideally, you should never remove more than a maximum of twenty percent during the pruning process.However, if you are in a situation where this information has come too late, there are still steps you can take which can support your tree or shrub as it recovers from your mistake.

Research Your Plant

When dealing with shrubs, there are some that will actually bounce back from a complete cut down to lawn-height without problem, whereas others will wither and die. To know which situation, you are dealing with or should prepare for, you should do some research or call in a professional.

Patience Is A Virtue

Sometimes, especially in cases of over-pruned trees, all you can do is wait. If you have cut healthy branches during your pruning, they will most likely sprout new growth within two years or more. This may seem like a long time now, but that is to be expected from a removed limb.

Call in An Arborist

The only surefire way of easing your mind is to get an expert’s opinion on the matter. Especially in regards to trees, each situation is unique and thus without generally available answers. This is why the best way to predict the future outcome, is to have an arborist assess your tree. They can not only diagnose how much to prune but can look at the emerging fungal infections and other diseases. Even minor issues will be brought to your notice, helping you with healthy trees.

Provide Additional Support

Due to its sudden lack of branches, your plant will be struggling to support itself as it did before. This is where you come in. Watering during dry seasons and before winter will be vital. Furthermore, you should mulch it in order to give additional nutrients. Fertilizer may also be helpful and should be looked into.

Thinning the New Growth

To ensure your tree’s new main branches will be strengthened, you should familiarize yourself with the pruning technique of thinning. Calling on tree care service in Palo Alto can help.