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When you go out into the garden in your backyard or your front yard, you are probably very proud of the trees there. After all, they have a haunting and majestic quality that adds character and beauty to any environment in which they are in. this is especially true of trees that live for several centuries like Sequoia trees. But did you know that trees don’t always look that way? As is the case with all living things, trees can be affected by blight and diseases.

Common Tree problems

Because these problems are less severe for trees than a disease is, they are easy to fix. In fact, you can easily reverse the following problems if you ‘baby and doctor’ your trees enough with the help of an arborist in San Jose. Some of the more common tree afflictions are:

● Scorched leaves – yes, if tree leaves are exposed to excessive sunlight or harsh winds, they can get dehydrated. They lose their pigment (chlorophyll), hence the ‘scorched color.’ You know your tree is suffering from scorched leaves if its leaves are brown in color, shriveled in appearance, and have tips and exterior parts that have ‘burn marks’ on them. There is a quick and easy solution to this, it lies in watering your trees more during the scorching hot summer months and the biting cold winter months. Covering the roots of your trees with mulch also helps because this adds moisture to the ground. The roots then pick up the moisture and send it to the tree branches in the form of water.
● Wilted leaves – believe it or not, this happens when trees get dehydrated. Their leaves lose their firmness and structure. They also don’t get enough nutrition. All of this causes them to shrivel up and die. Fortunately, you can reverse this by digging the tree up and placing it in area with markedly less sunlight. Make sure you are watering it more as you do that.
● Improper pruning – don’t be a trimming freak. That said and done, you should ‘prune’ your trees’ leaves and branches at least occasionally. Failure to do so will lead to your trees becoming ‘overburdened with foliage.’ The leaves will be oxygen deprived and will begin to wilt (die). You can reverse this by having the professionals trim your trees at least occasionally.
● Drought – this can wreak havoc on trees. Water is the primary transporter of the nutrients and minerals that trees need to survive. They need a certain amount of water every day for that reason. Enough water also helps them stay hydrated and healthy. Trees that are drought-stricken tend to have stunted growth and can even die. You can hedge against this by watering your trees regularly.