same family plants that former holiday item in the home’s yard, on, or soon after New Year’s Day. How should that family’s new evergreen be fertilized?

Experienced gardeners always set-aside time for watering any freshly seeded area, or any newly planted growth. Yet taller plants, such as trees should not get overlooked.

Californians are especially proud of their oak trees. Still, no amount of pride can act to prevent the development of tree-related problems, such as the browning of leaves.

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A fruit or nut-bearing tree can react poorly to a sudden and decided drop in the temperature of the surrounding air. Still, any family that enjoys the beauty of and one or more of the products from any of those same types of trees can work to limit the effects of a cold front.

How To Prevent Sunscald On A Tree

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Sunscald is the word used when referring to a condition in which over exposure to sunlight has damaged some part of a tree. Usually, the tree’s bark demonstrates the greatest level of damage.

Trees do not talk, but those tall plants do send-off signals. Consequently, a gardener, or a tree’s owner should know how to interpret those signals.

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Homeowners need to control the extent to which a tree’s limbs have an impact on the home’s structure. That fact underscores the need for regular pruning of the trees in the home’s yard. What is the best time of year for pruning trees?

While exotic plants are more readily available today to purchase, a native plant woven within your landscape can provide balance and overall beauty. These types of plants are also very beneficial for the earth as well.

Here in the Bay Area, we take great pride in our urban forest. And as professional San Jose arborists, we always recommend trees that fit the environment they’ll be growing in. In this way, your trees will enhance your property, increase the value of your home and make for fewer problems as the tree matures.

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Tree diseases can affect both their beauty and the beauty of the environments they are in. Read this article if you want to avoid this happening to the trees in your garden or front yard. You’ll learn about the common afflictions and diseases that trees face.

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