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Trees are a vital element, adding beauty to your landscape and property. However, to make sure that the trees on your property add to the elegance it is essential to have proper trimming and pruning to ensure a healthy growth. Tree pruning services in San Jose play an important role in ensuring that the development of the trees is on the mark.

Additionally, it is important to know that if the tree pruning isn’t done right, it can affect the health of the tree and can create a safety hazard. Thus, it is important to be aware of the dangers of improper tree pruning. This is what happens when mature trees are trimmed and pruned properly:

Decay and death of the tree

When a tree is pruned, it creates wounds when the small stems and branches are cut away and as a living thing, it needs to heal. This is important in maintaining the structural strength of the tree. However, if the tree is pruned by an inexperienced person, it can lead to removal of vital cover and the large cuts can take longer to heal. Doing the tree pruning the correct way can ensure that the open wounds which can lead to decay, can be eliminated with time. Additionally, the decaying branches weaken the tree structure and can pose a hazard during storms. Thus, it is important to call in the professionals so that they can make cuts that are small and heal faster.

Poor nutrition and food production

The way a tree is pruned makes a significant difference on the tree’s ability to conduct photosynthesis. Thus, if the top canopy is cut too deep or the vital branches lopped off, the tree’s ability to make food is diminished. This leads to poor growth and weakens the structure which can lead to death of tree, if the damage is too much. That is why proper pruning techniques are needed to be done when tree has to be shaped. You need to leave adequate crown on the tree, so that the photosynthesis can be done. If a lot of foliage is trimmed away or the branches removed, it will lead to poor growth and malnourished tree. That is why it is best to call in the professionals when the tree pruning has to be done.

Growth of interior sprouting

If you remove too much of the crown, the sunlight filters in and creates irregular patters of growth. This can hamper the beauty of the tree apart from weakening the structure. Additionally, if you remove the tree’s crown more than what is needed, it creates irregular growth patterns that can mar the beauty of a tree. When the canopy is removed, the sunlight scalds the delicate tree bark and to protect that interior sprouting starts.