The Cupertino City Council recently passed an ordinance amending the rules on tree removal in the city, Matt Wilson of the San Jose Mercury News reports.

Trees are a great addition to any property. They provide shade and they improve your home’s curb appeal; however, a lot of people expect trees to take care of themselves like they do in nature and just water them every now and then. Unfortunately, a tree on your lawn is going to need more help,

One of the important parts of responsible tree care in Palo Alto is to regularly prune the trees on your property. Regular pruning can ensure that your tree will develop well and have a strong structure. Cutting off branches removes diseased and rotten parts that can spread infection as well as damaged parts that can

Neighbors can sometimes dispute on the silliest of things: Wi-Fi, loud music, garbage can placements—the list is practically endless. However, one thing that’s definitely not silly to argue about is trees on a property. When a tree branch goes beyond your home’s boundary, or when a fallen tree causes extensive damage to property are really

Palo Alto literally means ‘tall tree’ in Spanish. As one of its longtime residents, you’ve made it your mission to keep up with the city’s name and protect the trees within your property. Then again, what if doing so has become more of a risk than a reward? Eventually, as trees grow older and develop

A recent report in Lake County News sadly confirms that Sudden Oak Death (SOD), which first reached nearly epidemic levels in the state in 2011, continues to plague many parts of California, particularly places near bodies of water like the Bay Area. “The 2014 Sudden Oak Death Blitz results reveal areas where Phytophthora ramorum –

Score two for California’s finest. Two huge wildfires in the state have been all but brought under control by state and federal fire crews. Totaling over 90,000 hectares, the fires that scorched huge areas of El Dorado and Klamath National Forests have been declared 98% and 97% contained. The latter alone has cost the U.S.

The city of San Jose is abundant with trees. Whether planted in the streets by government employees, nurtured by private citizens in their own backyards or grown by Mother Nature herself, these wooden co-inhabitants of the city are not just making the landscape pleasing to the eyes; they also benefit the whole area. By purifying

Pruning is one of the most effective measures for keeping landscape trees healthy. However, when is the best time to prune? writer Meghan Shinn offers a useful suggestion: Fall is a good time to prune your trees. Not only are trees dormant in the colder months, but it is also easier to see a

You don’t need to have a green thumb to know that trees need water to stay healthy. However, in Californian cities like San Jose, watering trees has become a challenge due to the current drought conditions. This task has become even more daunting since the city government has issued an ordinance on restricted water use.

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