You might have heard the term “tree pruning” or “tree trimming.” The terms are used interchangeably, but they actually mean different things. Pruning refers to any type of surgery performed on a live tree in order to remove deadwood, shape branches and promote healthy growth. Trimming refers more specifically to the removal of small branches from shrubs and other plants by hand.

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A fire will not burn without a supply of fuel. Autumn provides homeowners with the chance to remove any flammable vegetation that exists in the area close to the family’s residence. A smart homeowner creates a defensible space in the proper location. The creation of a defensible zone within 5 feet of the home requires

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Unless you like to do things at the last moment, the early weeks of autumn serve as an ideal time for making any plans, with respect to the pruning of trees. It is best to prune a tree’s branches at a time when it has entered a period of dormancy.

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Scavengers, even large mammals could pose a threat to trees on a given parcel of land, especially if any of those same animals were hungry, and searching for food.

Different tree parts appeal to different animals.

Some of them gnaw on the limbs.
A few others munch on the leaves.
Deer prefer to eat the bark.

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Even during the winter months, a fruit tree could die, if its roots had to struggle to obtain water. Still, a homeowner should do more than water such a fruit-bearing plant, whenever nature has not supplied it with a sufficient amount of rainwater.

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Homeowners that want to have a lovely yard must do more than plant bushes and trees. The smart homeowner makes sure that each planted tree is able to thrive.

Mistakes that could threaten one or more trees’ ability to thrive

Failure to plan: Visualize the size of a mature plant/tree. You should not plant any tree at a spot that is close to a similar or a different species. Tree Service in San Jose says that you should not plant anything with deep roots at a spot that is near a gas, electric, water or sewer line.

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Trees can be destroyed by storms, but with proper maintenance and trimming, you can stop the damage before it happens. When trees are subjected to high winds, they have a tendency to sway.

Trees can break or fall in high winds because of this movement. Wind also causes damage to property and people when trees fall onto homes or cars parked nearby. In addition, branches that snap off during storms can be dangerous if they land on power lines or other structures (like roofs) that may not be covered by insurance policies. Tree trimming helps mitigate these risks by keeping your tree’s canopy small. That ensures that it doesn’t sway when exposed to strong winds—and small enough that it won’t cause damage, if it does happen.

It is best to schedule a time during the winter months, when trees have entered their dormant phase. A dormant tree is not actively growing. Its branches do not exhibit signs of exposure to a harmful act, such as the removal of one of more limbs. In other words, the pruning does not stunt its growth.

A tree’s seed must take root, before it can become a tall and shade-giving plant. A gardener that is supposed to care for that same plant should exercise great care, when cutting into any of the tree’s roots.

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Stump grinding can be used as a form of stump removal. Still, not every homeowner should expect to be buying or renting a grinder, upon discovery of a stump in the yard.

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