In the fall, it’s not uncommon to see trees that are bare or in need of pruning. It’s also common to hear tree trimming contractors say it’s time for fall pruning. While there are many reasons why you might want to have your trees trimmed during this season, here are some important things you should know about fall pruning:

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Even during the winter months, a fruit tree could die, if its roots had to struggle to obtain water. Still, a homeowner should do more than water such a fruit-bearing plant, whenever nature has not supplied it with a sufficient amount of rainwater.

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Homeowners that want to have a lovely yard must do more than plant bushes and trees. The smart homeowner makes sure that each planted tree is able to thrive.

Mistakes that could threaten one or more trees’ ability to thrive

Failure to plan: Visualize the size of a mature plant/tree. You should not plant any tree at a spot that is close to a similar or a different species. Tree Service in San Jose says that you should not plant anything with deep roots at a spot that is near a gas, electric, water or sewer line.

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Wildfires have been raging in some parts of the United States. As a result, some homeowners need to deal with burn damage to trees.

A beautiful property can influence the decision that might be made by a potential buyer. In other words, well-placed trees and bushes add value to a professionally landscaped piece of land.

Various events could cause a tree to lean: severe storms, high winds or heavy precipitation. Regardless of the cause, the method for dealing with that problem should ensure success to any homeowner that has chosen to use it.

Pruning works to ensure the growth of the pruned bush or tree. In addition, it helps to display the pruned plant’s beauty.

No homeowner wants to see a tree in the home’s yard die suddenly. Still, not all homeowners take the time to watch for evidence of a tree’s health problems.

On rare occasions, bark loss might occur suddenly. That is what happens when lightning strikes a tree. As a rule, however, vanishing bark reflects the existence of a problem that has gone undetected.

Shrubs can serve as a means for dividing up sections of a yard, or for separating two different yards. Yet that natural barrier loses its appeal if the shrub’s leaves turn brown.

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