A smart homeowner would not tackle a pumping problem on his own. He would contact a plumber. By the same token, smart homeowners should not try dealing on their own with a tree problem, Instead those same homeowners ought to plan on calling a certified arborist.

Younger trees need to receive special care, especially during their first 2 years of life.

Delivery of an adequate level of care can increase the chances for a given tree’s survival.

Damage to a residential property, as caused by a storm, can be costly. A pruned tree stands stronger than an unpruned one, throughout just about any storm.

The enjoyment of any tree’s fruit acts as a gift to someone that has demonstrated the willingness to carry out all the essential functions that are part of tree care. Pruning belongs on any listing of such essential functions.

Both the large and small roots have an important function.

Although some stately trees live for many centuries, any one tree’s integrity could decrease over time. Once that has happened, the same tree’s branches, and sometimes the trunk become a safety hazard.

Falling limbs can pose a real danger, if their weight helps to trigger a fall to the ground. Still, that is only one of the reasons for scheduling a well-advised time for pruning the yard’s trees. In other words, the trees’ response varies from season to season.

The word dormancy refers to a season. Trees enter their season of dormancy in late autumn, and remain there for much of the winter. A dormant tree is not actively growing as per Tree Care service in Palo Alto.

The maintenance of a tree’s health helps to increase the value of the property on which that same tree is growing. What maintenance tasks are best placed in the hands of an arborist?

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