How can one care for trees at springtime? Steven Cramer, a horticulture agent in Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, shares three important considerations, in his article in the university’s website. These include soil moisture and soil type, but the most important is the tree’s capacity to make and store nutrients. “This is important to all

Some homeowners opt to have trees in their yard to increase their home’s curb appeal, while some want the same for an entirely different reason: shade. Places like San Jose, California are lucky to have an abundant supply of shade trees. Writer Tony Tomeo, for the San Jose Mercury News, has this to say: “Like

There’s more to pruning than meets the eye, and timing is everything. A May 1, 2014 piece posted on the Michigan State University Extension website reveals an interesting detail about pruning (or not pruning) oak, in particular, during a specific period: “Oak wilt, caused by the fungus Ceratocystic fagacearum, is a lethal disease of oaks

Trees, no doubt, beautify a city, but they aren’t always nature’s angels. A KTVU article by John Fowler, published on April 22, 2014, reports some of the negative effects trees have on a community: “Allergy sufferers all around the Bay Area were suffering Tuesday because of the pollen borne on the wind. Tree pollen is

Arborists play a valuable role in the early detection of tree health problems. In an article for, forestry expert Steve Nix discusses the importance of thorough inspection when it comes to identifying tree hazards. “Trees are remarkable in their ability to self repair when subjected to trauma. But even with the amazing ability to

Spring is the best time for a lot of things: cleaning, fixing roofs, and selling the house (among others). It’s also not the best time of the year for some tasks, namely tree trimming. Certain situations call for trees to be trimmed, namely when the branches are too close to utility lines. However, Joan Morris

Based on the calendar, spring in the United States officially began on March 20, 2014. However, according to a report from the Weather Channel, there was hardly any sign of spring in several areas in Northern California as the country headed toward the end of March. “A potent upper-level system moved through Northern California Wednesday

Tree pruning is an important aspect of proper tree service in San Jose. Trees are trimmed for a variety of reasons, but in urban areas like San Jose, this process is often undertaken as a safety measure. Dead or damaged branches are at constant risk of falling from the tree, thereby endangering lives and property

Home sellers have different reasons for putting their house on the market, but all of them have one goal in mind—to sell their property for the highest possible price. Many do all sorts of home improvement projects to attract more buyers and to increase the asking price, but The Wall Street Journal says that an

There comes a time when it’s necessary to prune or cut trees in a property. Trees that are diseased, dying, dead, have grown too big, or have branches that extend to where they shouldn’t be pose safety risks. One Mi-Wuk Village family experienced the danger of leaving trees uncared for firsthand; relates the news:

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